Top 5 Road Trip Games in Crete

July 3, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes
The Top 5 Road Trip Games in Crete

Road trips often start out with high spirits. Great music, good company, some snacks, and a good feeling about getting to wherever your destination may be. The first hour goes by effortlessly, the second hour isn’t too bad, but the third hour and onward feels like a trudge across the highways. Even worse if you have restless kids in the car. That’s when those pleasant, “good in theory” road trips can turn brutal.

Luckily, there are ways to combat those road trip blues with family-friendly road trip games. These are the best, most fun road trip games in Crete and beyond.

Would You Rather?

Would you rather… eat worms or drink water from a fishbowl? Would you rather… be a toothless vampire or a vegetarian werewolf? This game is all about silly choices. Use your imagination to think up two situations, then everyone gets to answer with their reason for picking one or the other. It’s a good way to start goofy conversations that pass the time on your road trip in Crete. Don’t forget to say “would you rather…” before each question. The sillier the choices, the better the game!

Tell a Group Story!

This is one of the best road trip games for your Crete travel because storytellers can use their imaginations and their surroundings to get ideas for their sentences. One person starts the story, like “once upon a time in a wonderful world far away…” and then the second person adds a sentence, such as “there was an angry gnome named Bob…” And so on until the story is finished. How quickly the story ends depend on the storyteller. Kids and adults alike will love adding fun, silly details to their story sentences!

ABC Categories

This game begins with the alphabet and a theme. For example, if the theme were fruits, it would go:

  • A – Apples
  • B – Bananas
  • C – Cantalope 

And so on until the ABCs were at an end, or until it was impossible to name anything else from a theme. Most people get hung up on the last few letters, like XYZ. This is a great road trip game in Crete for older children and adults. For younger kids, themes can be simpler, like colors or anything kind of food they can think of for each letter.

Name those Tunes!

For music lovers on road trips in Crete, this game can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. In turns, each person will hum a tune, or sing a snippet of a song for others to guess. Whoever guesses correctly is the next person to hum or sing a song snippet. Players can keep score in their head or with their fingers.

First person to correctly guess 5 songs wins! For older kids and adults, songs and tunes can be more well-known, popular options that you might hear on the radio. For younger kids and toddlers, songs and tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Mary Had a Little Lamb would keep them guessing.

License Plate Initials

Some license plates already have an understandable, readable bunch of letters and numbers, like HZH2499. For those that are a jumble of random letters and numbers, this road trip game involves guessing what the license plate ABCs might stand for. CLS? Calm Lemurs Snoozing. RFT? Restless Feet Tapping. See how many fun, silly sayings everyone can come up with from one license plate to the next.

Bonus Classic Road Trip Game

I Spy

This game has been around forever. You start with single phrase, such as “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” or “I spy with my little eye something yellow…” Other players can ask yes or no questions about the object, then make a guess as to what you saw. Could it be a school bus? Could it be a cow? Take a guess and find out!

Some of the best road trip games are the ones that require imagination and brainpower. Using your noggin keeps driver and passengers alert and aware while allowing them to enjoy the road trip and time together.

If games get boring and dull, you could always suggest sing-alongs to the radio, like karaoke. Or download a book or podcast that everyone will enjoy listening to. Ask one another questions, bond, and get silly. Keep in mind that these games are simply suggestions. Perhaps you will feel inspired enough to make up your own!

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