How to Check the Road Conditions in Crete?

May 4, 2023 - Reading time: 5 minutes
 road conditions in Crete

Road conditions in Crete can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the area you are traveling in. While there are many well-maintained roads, others may be in poor condition due to weather or lack of repairs. In addition, traffic conditions can also be a factor to consider.

If you're planning to rent a car in Crete, knowing the current road conditions is important. Not only will it help you avoid any potential accidents (this is vital if you don't have personal accident insurance), but it will also ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey. Here are some tips on how to check the road conditions in Crete:

How to Check Road Conditions in Real Time?

You may think that checking the road conditions in Crete isn't that important. However, many people often see this as one of the best tips when driving in Crete. Although checking road conditions isn't as simple as turning on the news or visiting the websites of local authorities. However, these methods will only give you a general idea of the conditions. To get a more accurate and up-to-date picture, it's best to check the roads in real-time. The easiest way to do this is by using a smartphone app. There are a few different apps that you can use to check the roads in Crete. Many applications can now be used offline, which is ideal if you're planning to travel to a remote area with limited or no internet connection. Check the following list for apps to check Crete's road conditions in real time:

  • Waze
  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps


Waze is a  GPS navigation app that offers real-time traffic information. It's a community-based app, which means that users can report accidents, road closures, and other hazards. Waze is available for free on iOS and Android devices. The application is very popular with tourists and is considered one of the best ways to check road conditions in Crete.

Waze is pretty easy to use. Once you've downloaded the app, open it and type in your destination. Waze will then provide you with a route and an estimated time of arrival. Along the way, you'll see icons that indicate potential hazards or traffic delays. For example, a red exclamation point means that there's an accident ahead, while a yellow symbol indicates slow-moving traffic.

If you see an icon that indicates a road closure or another issue, you can tap on it to get more information. Waze will also reroute you around any potential problems.

Google Maps

The most popular navigation app in the world is also one of the best ways to check road conditions in Crete. Google Maps offers real-time traffic information for most areas of the island. Both ios and Android users can download the app for free. 

To Use Google Maps, open the app and type in your destination. Then, select the route you want to take. Google Maps will show you the estimated time of arrival and provide you with an overview of the route. Just like Waze, Google  Maps uses icons to indicate potential hazards. For example, a red line means that there's heavy traffic, while a black line indicates a road closure.

Apple Maps

For ios users, Apple Maps is a great alternative to Google Maps. The app offers real-time traffic information and uses icons to warn users of potential hazards. Apple Maps is available for free on all ios devices.

Just like the apps mentioned above, Apple Maps is pretty easy to use. Open the app and type in your destination. Then, select the route you want to take. Apple Maps will show you the estimated time of arrival and provide you with an overview of the route as well as the road conditions. 

Checking For Weather Conditions 

While it's important to know the current road conditions, you should also be aware of the weather conditions. After all, bad weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions.

There are a few different ways that you can check the weather conditions in Crete. One way is to visit the website of the Hellenic National Meteorological Service. The website provides detailed information on the current and forecasted weather conditions for all of Greece. 

Raining conditions driving in Crete

It's a very easy website to use, and many of the reports are available in English. Just type in your location, and you'll be able to see the current conditions of the road. 

Another way to check the weather conditions is by also using a smartphone app. There are a few different apps that you can use, such as follows: 

  • AccuWeather
  • Weather Underground
  • My Wind

These apps will provide you with the current conditions as well as the forecast for the next few days. They're all available for free on iOS and Android devices. 

Crucial Car Rental Tips For Beginners

When renting a car in Crete, it's crucial to consider road conditions and other factors. Book your rental car in advance to ensure availability and secure early-bird discounts. Inquire about the rental company's deposit policy and compare prices among different providers. Research if the company offers one-way rentals and any associated costs.

Choose the right vehicle for your travel party and intended activities. Ensure you have a valid driver's license, an international driving permit, and a credit card for security deposit purposes. Familiarize yourself with Crete's traffic rules and regulations to avoid penalties.

Get acquainted with Crete's winding roads by studying a map or using a GPS device. Be mindful of parking restrictions, designated parking areas, and time limits. Thoroughly inspect your rental car before driving, checking the tires, engine oil, and brakes.

Always drive safely, obey speed limits, use seatbelts, and avoid driving under the influence. For more guidance, explore car rental tips for beginners to ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience in Crete.


In general, driving in Crete is an experience that can be both exhilarating and challenging. The island's winding roads and breathtaking scenery make it a popular destination for tourists. However, the roads can be quite treacherous, especially during the summer months. 

That's why it's important to be aware of the current road conditions before you hit the road. Keep these tips in mind and you'll be sure to have a safe and enjoyable trip.