Can I Rent A Car in Crete For Someone Else?

July 3, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes
Can I Rent A Car For Someone Else?

So, would you like to have an additional driver to assist you on that road trip? Or maybe you would like to rent a car for an employee to transact business on behalf of the company. Or better yet, renting a car for a friend or family member for a few days would be an ideal gift to add to a celebratory weekend getaway. While you may be aware of the strict policies outlined in the rental agreement, we are sure you would still like to explore the possibilities of making these wishes a reality. The good news is that, while there may be some challenges, there are ways in which car rental companies are improving on their flexibility in an effort to meet the needs of customers as they seek to meet their personal and professional requirements.

A Look at the Rental Contract

One of the stipulations in a rental agreement is that you are prohibited to rent a car in someone else’s name. This serves as a safeguard in protecting not just the car rental company but also you the client, especially in the event of loss and damages. Having met the requirements for renting a car, the renter or hirer is the person who affixed his signature to the rental agreement which by doing this, he now accepts the terms and conditions outlined in the document. If the renter is in violation of any of the terms and conditions outlined, this can result in serious consequences as he is fully liable for any losses or damages to the vehicle.

Why You Would Need an Additional Driver

Driving for an extended period of time can be exhausting, especially on an adventure. Many persons continue to see the need to include another driver to assist, as being tired can be extremely dangerous and can result in an accident. This can be eliminated by including an additional driver for a small charge. Some companies even allow up to three additional drivers. Please visit car rental policy to learn more about our charges when adding an additional driver.

How to Add an Additional Driver

This additional driver (who usually excludes the spouse who is automatically considered a second driver) will be considered as long as he meets the requirements, which includes having a valid driver’s licence to drive within the country, met the required age, among others that are stated on the contract. The renter has the responsibility of outlining the agreements outlined in the contract as if there are breaches, the renter will have to accept full responsibility.

It is also important to note that if the car is driven by an unauthorised person, the insurance becomes void, should there be an accident and as such the primary driver becomes fully responsible. The additional driver may be added or removed at the beginning or during the contract at which point both the renter and additional driver must be present to conduct this transaction. The collection of the vehicle at the end of the transaction is also the responsibility of the renter as the vehicle will not be released to a bearer.

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Renting a car Online for Someone Else

Another option is to also  for an individual. You may go ahead and pay for the individual’s vehicle by providing their name, address, phone number and date of birth. Upon receipt of the vehicle, the individual will be required to sign the rental contract and registered in either first or additional driver. When collecting the vehicle, this person will be required to sign the rental agreement. The person who reserves (and optionally pays for) the car needs to be registered as a driver too.

Remain Safe and Enjoy our Flexible Terms

Our duty is to ensure that our clients continue to enjoy the service that we provide and as a result we seek to offer flexible terms and conditions as we strive to ensure that our vehicles are well maintained to guarantee the safety and comfort of our customers. Whether you decide to rent a car and be the sole driver or you want to include an additional driver, these flexible terms and conditions that we offer will help you to make wise business decisions and provide more comfort and flexibility for friends and families as you all bask in an amazing travel adventure. The road you travel in life may not always be a smooth ride, but you can trust us to help you to navigate through this journey by helping to ensure that you arrive comfortably at your destination.

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