Rental Car Classifications Explained

May 5, 2023 - Reading time: 6 minutes
Rental Car Classifications

Rental cars have slowly become an integral part of Cretan travel. As each year the tourism industry in Greece grows, so too does the need for a more efficient way to get around the island. Rental cars have given travelers the freedom to explore at their own pace and see the sights that they want to see. From the ever-famous Minoan palaces to the beaches dotting the coast to the small villages and towns located inland, there is much to see and do on the island of Crete.

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What to Do if You Have Put the Wrong Gas in Your Rental Car in Crete?

May 4, 2023 - Reading time: 5 minutes
Wrong Gas in Your Rental Car in Crete

As the saying goes, "Nobody is perfect" so making mistakes is a part of life. While some mistakes may be minor and easily forgotten, others can be costly and cause significant inconvenience - like putting the wrong type of gasoline in your rental car in Crete. 

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How to Check the Road Conditions in Crete?

May 4, 2023 - Reading time: 5 minutes
 road conditions in Crete

Road conditions in Crete can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the area you are traveling in. While there are many well-maintained roads, others may be in poor condition due to weather or lack of repairs. In addition, traffic conditions can also be a factor to consider.

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How to Find Long-Term Auto Rental Deals in Crete?

May 2, 2023 - Reading time: 6 minutes
Long Term Car Rental Deals in Crete

With everything you can find in Crete, The Palace of Knossos, The Samaria Gorge, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, and many other amazing places, it's no wonder many people want to stay here long term. Not only is there a wide range of accommodations that can be found all over the island, but there are also a number of long-term auto rental deals that can save you money in the long run. 

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Can I Pick Up My Rental Car in Crete During the Night?

May 1, 2023 - Reading time: 5 minutes
Pick Up Rental Car in Crete at Night

No one can deny that Crete is a breathtaking island riddled with historical significance and natural beauty. Despite being the fifth largest of the Greek Isles, it often goes overlooked by tourists who favor neighboring islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. Crete is anything but dull, however, and boasts countless activities and attractions to keep visitors entertained for weeks on end. From sandy beaches and charming towns to ancient ruins and delicious food, there's something for everyone on Crete.

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What types of child seats are available when renting a car in Crete?

June 30, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes
Child Seats for Rental Cars in Crete

It can be challenging to travel with young children in Crete, but it's essential to make sure they're safe when you're on the road. Children tend to be more vulnerable in car accidents, so it's essential to take precautions and use the proper safety equipment.

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